Feeling Depressed? Stop Suffering in Silence and Talk About it With Someone

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Following the recent suicide of the award winning comedian actor Robin Williams, UK rap star Professor Green recounted the events of how his own father took the same dark path as Williams. Professor Green’s story is about his father’s death is heartbreaking but at the same time raises awareness on the need to start a wider discussion about depression and reaching out for help. The British rapper, whose real name is Stephen Manderson, expresses his regret of not having to say his final goodbye and tell his father the things that mattersed. He further discusses how he suffers with his own depression and urges everyone to be open about it.

If we take a look at a recent statistics in Britain alone, suicide is the biggest killer of men between 20 and 49, which is more than cancer, road accidents and heart disease. Even though women are more likely to suffer from depression but they actually are more open to seek help when they feel they are feeling low and depressed. Men on the other hand find it hard to express themselves and tend to keep all their troubling thoughts inside. It is sad to say that most men have been brought up to believe that showing emotion could be a sign of weakness and not how a man should behave. They control their emotions to show their mental strength as since childhood they’ve been told to “suck it up like a real man”.

Speaking about personal problems is healthier than bottling them inside

I think men are as emotional as women. A real man doesn’t have to fake that he is hurting inside. If you are suffering from depression caused by social anxiety or feeling stressed out about work, family and relationships, it’s always healthier to express yourself with your friends and to those whom you trust.

You can ask for a professional help if you are afraid to be judged by your close friends. There are other forums and organizations that can provide you with support and advice, such as:




Suicide has been regarded as a sign of moral and mental weakness. But in order to overcome this weakness, you have to be strong enough to express yourself and stop suffering in silence. Remember – if social anxiety or depression is adversely affecting your life you should always get professional advice from a doctor, GP or psychological therapist.


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Lea shares tips for overcoming social anxiety drawing on her own experiences of dealing with it since childhood. Thankfully, she was able to learn how to now let it get in the way of living a happy, fulfilling life and that changing the way you think can change the way you feel.

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