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For people who want to banish social phobia forever

Give Me 60 Days and I’ll Help You to Overcome Your Social Anxiety and Live a More Fulfilling Life Free from Fear!

This is an open letter to every person who feels uncomfortable in public or avoids social interaction and wants to free themselves from social phobia’s chains

If you’re struggling with social anxiety, or wondering whether you have social anxiety, and want to know how to overcome it, you need to read this page:

  • Why social anxiety is more common than you might think
  • How research has uncovered what causes it and how it can be treated
  • How I personally discovered a system for raising my self esteem, banishing negative thoughts and feeling more relaxed in public
  • What you can do to gain a more fulfilling life free from fear of strangers

You’re not alone

Do you dread being around people you don’t know?

Are you convinced people are looking at you and judging you in a bad way?

Is your daily life ruined because of the anxiety worrying what other people think, making you feel nervous and afraid?

If any of these thoughts sounds familiar, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that 15 million people suffer from social anxiety in the US alone.

If you suffer from social phobia then you’ll know how uncomfortable the symptoms can be. In fact, they may be so overpowering that you might avoid social situations altogether, preferring the safety of your home.

There can be all sorts of causes, including an unhappy childhood, a negative belief system or even as a result of your home environment.

The severity of social anxiety can also vary from minor discomfort to avoiding other people altogether.

But whatever the cause or severity, hiding away from the world is not the answer. Avoiding people might protect you from feeling nervous in the short-term. But isolating yourself from friends and family can lead to depression because of your withdrawal from an active, fulfilling life.

Some sufferers ‘self medicate’ with drugs or alcohol to block out the symptoms. But this prevents you from dealing with the root cause of your problem. Even worse, it can lead to alcoholism or a drug addiction, heaping yet more problems onto your plate.

You don’t have to feel afraid forever

The good news is you don’t have to live with social anxiety forever. It can be just a difficult phase you’ve been through before moving on with the rest of your life.

In recent decades, a lot of research has been conducted into what causes anxiety and depression, and what can be done to treat its symptoms.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a well researched and widely used form of psychotherapy for treating depression and anxiety. It’s recommended by the UK’s National Health Service, is taught by therapists all over the world and has helped thousands overcome social phobia.

Depression and anxiety are driven by unhelpful thoughts that are illogical and inaccurate. CBT provides a series of goal driven strategies for identifying these unhelpful thoughts and then showing you how to replace them with more realistic, objective ways of thinking.

As you learn to think about things more clearly, you’ll start to change the way you feel, and your anxiety will gradually reduce as a result.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I was always a painfully shy child. I’d rather have my head in a book than hang around with other kids due to my seeming inability to not say or do anything embarrassing. I dreaded break times at school and counted down the hours when I’d get a brief escape from the discomfort and isolation I felt all day. School certainly weren’t the happiest time in my life.

Unfortunately, my social awkwardness didn’t reduce as I grew older. It stayed with me into adulthood and followed me into the workplace like a hovering black cloud.

People would comment on how I never said anything. Walking around the office was like running a gauntlet of negative stares and handing out invitations to be negatively judged.
Eventually, it became clear that my uncomfortable thoughts and feelings weren’t going to magically disappear. Instead they would hold me back forever unless I found a way to replace them. Something drastic had to change.

Medication alone was not the answer

So I went to see my doctor to share this deeply rooted problem, thinking there must be some chemical imbalance in my brain that made me feel this way. After listening to my rambling explanation of my behavioral struggles, he promptly put me on beta blockers to help ‘calm me down.’

Beta blockers are normally given to people with high blood pressure. While they did calm my nerves, they just made me feel like an unemotional robot all day. This wasn’t the answer I was looking for.

Thankfully, I was able to find out about social anxiety while researching my symptoms online. This was the light bulb switching on moment for me. After finding out about the specific condition of social anxiety, I set about finding solutions and developing a strategy for overcoming it.

With a diagnose comes treatment

This then led to me working through the negative thoughts with cognitive behavioural therapy and adopting new ways of thinking and behaving.

Improvement didn’t happen overnight.

But with practice, patience and persistence, I was able to reduce my social anxiety to a level where it didn’t stop me going where I wanted or doing what I wanted to do.

I now live a much more fulfilling life than those years spent locked in my bedroom. I’ve taken up all sorts of social hobbies, such as mountain biking, hiking and rock climbing, and regularly travel abroad, meeting lots of new people in new counties, without having social anxiety on my back trying to drag me down.

I’m free to live my life how I want, and have become much happier as a result.

Discover the techniques that enabled me to banish social phobia from my life

Such has been the sense of satisfaction I’ve felt, at improving my mental health and overall happiness, I decided to share the strategies that worked for me in the hope they can help others battling to overcome social anxiety disorder.

Some might say medication is the only way to treat social anxiety. But I found this wasn’t the case at all. Instead, what I discovered that it’s only by changing the way you think that you’ll change the way you feel, which causes your anxiety to reduce.

In my eBook I share all the methods, techniques and tactics that helped me to change the way I thought about myself and the world around me so I could overcome social anxiety for good.

My eBook is downloaded in PDF format for which you’ll need Adobe Acrobat. You can download it immediately for just $9.



Now it’s your turn

Whilst there are some excellent books on social anxiety, you may feel daunted at having to wade through a 300 page book to find the answers you need.

Instead, my eBook is an easy to read and instantly actionable guide to social anxiety. You can read it in a couple of hours and it provides instantly actionable information that can help you to realize what’s been driving your uncomfortable feelings and how they can be reduced.

It may provide the ‘light switching on’ moment you need.

Changing the way you think will change the way you feel

If you’re only now discovering you have social anxiety, or have been struggling with its painful symptoms for years, my eBook can help.

With practice and patience, the techniques in my eBook will help you to improve the way you think and feel. As your new objective ways of thinking take hold, and become a natural part of the way you respond to situations, your anxiety will gradually reduce.

Situations that previously made you feel nervous, such as eating in a restaurant or going shopping, won’t seem so daunting and you’ll find it easier to interact with strangers in social situations.

What you’ll discover

From my eBook, you will find out:

  • What causes social anxiety
  • What are the unhelpful thoughts that make you feel anxious
  • How to work out your belief system
  • How to replace your negative beliefs with more helpful, positive thoughts and feelings
  • Why you feel the way that you think
  • Achieving self acceptance and why you’re not worthless
  • How to climb a ladder to a better life
  • Ways of coping with socially anxious situations
  • Reinforcing your new ways of thinking
  • Where you can turn for further help

Feedback from readers

My eBook has helped hundreds of people all over the world to understand what’s driving their anxious feelings and how to reduce them. Here’s some feedback from readers who’ve benefited from my eBook and website:

“THANK YOU for providing this wonderful website. I’ve just now discovered, at age 36, that I might have SAD. I googled it, and came across your website, and everything is now making perfect sense as to why I feel and act the way I do”

“Thanks a million. You are a really insightful and compassionate writer, not to mention, accessible writer.”

“Reading your website, and reading other SAD blogs has inspired me to blog myself, just a way to journal and have others witness my journey as I find a way to live with SAD.”

“As I read more and more about SAD, I am discovering that THIS has been the very thing keeping me from my full potential in life, and it feels so good to have a “name” for this condition I have been plagued with, ever since childhood.”

“Thank you SO much for inspiring me. I just LOVE the Internet!”

“Thank you so much for your help. I will be getting the “Feeling good book” as soon as I can. I love reading your daily articles also!!”

Try out the strategies in my eBook for 60 days.  If they don’t help, I’ll give you your money back

The strategies in my eBook harness cognitive behavioral therapy, which is clinically proven to help people suffering from depression or anxiety to think in a more positive, objective way.

They worked for me, and they I believe they can help you too by reducing the physical and mental symptoms of social anxiety to a level where it no longer holds you back in life.

However, if you don’t experience any reduction in your social anxiety or an improvement in your self esteem within 60 days of buying my eBook you can get your purchase fully refunded, no questions asked.

My only request is that you don’t allow this to stop you on your journey to discovering how you CAN overcome social phobia. You just need to find another path and there’s plenty of help available to help you find the right one.

Make today the day you decided to change

Just imagine what your life could be like in a few months, or a few years, because you decided to get rid of your social anxiety?

Interacting with other people will be something you enjoy, rather than dread.

You’ll be able to enjoy fulfilling hobbies, playing sports or even starting new, fulfilling relationships. All of this is possible when you start to rewire your brain to think in a more positive, objective way.

So make today the day you decided to take action. To stop feeling afraid and wasting the best years of your life stuck at home. But instead to start taking steps towards improving the way you think, feel and behave.

Buying my eBook can be your first step on the path towards feeling better about yourself and the world around you and able to live a more fulfilling life free from fear.

And remember, you get a 60 day guarantee. So you have nothing to lose except your fear of social situations.

Good luck!



P.S. My eBook provides a step by step guide to social anxiety and how you can overcome it. Its techniques are based on clinical research and my own experiences of applying them to think in a more positive way, to improve my self esteem and watch my anxiety fade away as a result. Hundreds of people all over the world have benefited from my eBook and you can too.

Disclaimer - I am not a trained psychologist or behavioural therapist. The information on this page is provided as advice only. If social anxiety is severely affecting your life then you should always consult your doctor for professional advice. I accept no liability for any adverse affects to your health from following the advice on this page. 

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